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Our Pygora Thoughts
Why we raise wethers?
Our goal with the Pygora goat is to raise and promote top quality fiber producing wethers. The bucks are a challenge to harvest their fiber and the does are busy having kids. The wethers have nothing to do but be your "True Stress Buster™" friends and produce a wonderful money making and useful product. If you want to purchase a Pygora goat consider a wether. Always remember that your goat needs a goatie friend as well as a human friend. We will continue to sponsor classes and promote the wether. Wethers are wonderful!

Your Pygora Goat Questions And Our Thoughts! Coming Soon!
How we protect our Pygora goats!
How to protect our Pygora goats from predators is a challenge. We have 2 Llamas, Jasper and Jerome and our collie, Mickey. We have also added two livestock guardian dogs. So far they are doing their jobs. We dehorn our goats so it is our job to protect them. Good fencing plays a major roll. We use field wire with 2 X 4 mesh and a hot wire along with 2 X 4 non-climb wire. We keep our goats in the barn at night. At our ranch we are always looking for new ways to protect our goats and will share them with you. Please share your ideas with us.

Sharing our Goatie Kid thoughts!
1. Ask people not to push on or play with you goat's head. This will teach the kid to ram people and other kids. Don't be uncomfortable standing up to a friend or potential buyer and saying, "Please stop".

2. If you play with your goatie kids and allow them to jump up on you, they will continue to jump when they weigh 65 pounds. OUCH!

3. Watch out for little spaces that your goaties can crawl through. Don't be fooled by their size when they have fleece. The body is much smaller. They do like to see what is on the other side of the fence.

4. Your goatie kids will respond to soft, warm friendly voices. They do not like being yelled at or hit. You are the teacher and will be the one that molds their personalities.

Love and hug your Goatie kids and they will love you back!

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